Elite Audio and Tint carries name brand audio and video equipment and provides the best in-car audio solutions. We sell car video and can install it into your vehicle :
  • In-dash
  • Drop down monitors
  • Headrests
  • Car video sales and installations
Car Wrapping  — Car Wrap in Elk Grove, CA
Monitor Car at Rear Seat  — Car Audio in Elk Grove, CA
Tinting Windshield — Window Tining in Elk Grove, CA
For those looking to add a new look to vehicle take a look at wheel & tire packages. We also have all types of undercar/car lighting service available. We also sell automotive safety equipment including car alarms, remote starters, backup cameras/sensors and more. Bring your vehicle in and leave with something even more stylish and impressive.

Tinting and Vehicle Wraps

Elite Audio and Tint also provides window tinting. We use hand cut patterns that allow for better quality. Don't worry about time because it takes about an hour and a half per car. window tinting. Vehicle wraps take about 30 hours. Our process with wraps involve heat shrinkage to form it. Benefits of wrapping include

  • Protection of paint job
  • Car painting alternative
  • Cheaper than repainting your car,
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